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Aneaseraycosmetics has been helping women all over the world improve their Beauty. We are known as the self-care bar for your body . We strive to educate women on the importance of natural self-care and serve women of all ages helping them . Our products are made of natural ingredients. We say no to harsh chemicals so you can take our products with confidence knowing they are safe. Our mission is to help women with their hidden insecurities or improvement to untreated areas. 

Butter Me Up Body Butters

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“Time To Favor Your Skin”

“I switched to aneaseraycosmetics just recently.But with this one specifically, I’ve never seen such an incredible transformation in my skin…This Acne cleanser changed my life and I cannot live without it.There 2 pictures are a little over 1 month apart.”

“I have always struggled with acne. I wash my face religiously twice a day, but have never been able to achieve 100% acne free skin, for even one day. So i purchased this one, and have been using it for 3 weeks. My skin has NEVER looked better. lam AMAZED. It is really combating my acne”